Sex Position Pillow


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This sex pillow will let you feel more stimulation in your sex life, you can use it with different sex position as you want, get more pleasure and enjoy it deeply, you can have a wonderful night with your partner.

 you can use it to support your body to achieve all kinds of sex position, soft and convenient.
Made of PVC flocking material, washable and longlasting.
Equipped with one mini pump, easy to use and very convenient.
You also can use your mouth as the pump, just need one minutes.
Foldable, you can fold place it after use, saving storage space.
Portable and lightweight, you can put into your bag and take it with you, without the limit of time and place.
You need to pinch the air intake at first, then you can deflate.
Good compression resistance, please be assured, suitable for both men and women.
Also a wonderful gift for your families and friends.

Name: Body Support Pads

Material: PVC flocking cloth

Color: black + dark blue

Item size: A:38cmx36cmx16cm;B:28cmx32cmx22cm;C:86cmx22cm

Item weight: 117g/134d/275g

Package weight: 140g / 160g/300g


Package list:
1 * Sex Pillow