Autoinflation SUV Back Seat Mattress


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Operating principle and method of automatic air mattress:

The air mattress bed is built with high rebound full-fat sponge. After open the air mouth, the sponge expends and automatically sucks in air. After achieving the effect, the air mouth can be tightened. As a result of just leaving the factory by the machine compression packing, the first inflation will be slow. After using a few times or repeatedly folded several times, its high rebound sponge will restore the original elasticity and the effect will be very good.


Only the head parts need to inflate with pump. The mattress parts don’t need. If in the volume state for long time, please use mouth to blow several times to restore its elasticity (do not use pump, in case over-voltage will damage the protection of air cushion bed and affect its service life), please place it in the bag when carrying outside, in order to avoid scratch.

For the first time to use

1.Open the whole air mattress. 2.Open the air mouth so that the air mattress will automatically expand. Close the air mouth, fold the air mattress repeatedly in half and then press several times. Open the air mouth, let the cushion bed automatically expand again. It will make it fully recover the elasticity and shape.

Aeration method

1.Spread out the air mattress, open the air mouth, the air mattress will automatically start to expand. 2.Please wait until the air mattress is expanded, and then tighten the air mouth cover. 3.Adjust the air pressure. Adjust its hardness to feel comfortable.

Exhaust method

1.Open the air mouth to roll up from the other end. Press out air. 2.Close the air mouth and roll the mattress by the other end. Open the air mouth again to make the residual air out. 3.Finally close the air mouth. It can be saved at rolled state at any time.